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– For growth
– Repair of worn out tissues
– For meat egg and milk formation
– Production of enzymes and hormones

– Blood meal
– groundnut cake
– Cotton cake (cotton seed)

– For egg production
– For source of income
– For provision of meat
– Manure

– Regular supply of water
– Sanitation/Hygiene
– Vaccination

(i)treatment of fresh cutts
(ii)cure of wound

(ii)mixing of food stuff
(iii)spraying of chemicals

– Should be be handle with care
– Properly dispose after use
– Hand clove should be used when in is open

– Infection may set in care is not taken
– Is too sharp that if care is not taken may take other parts
– Is too small to handle

– Sharp knife
– Rubber ring
– Bordizor Castrator

(i)eggs in pasture
(ii)miricidium (larva)

(ii)indigestion | metabolic disorder
(iii)retarded growth
(iv)inflammation of liver

(i)avoid grazing in flooded area
(ii)treat sick animal with drugs
(iii)treat open water bodies

Diagram . of worm.

– Yoghurt
– Powdered Milk
– Hygiene milking process
– Should be sterilized (boiled)

– Grounding of foods
– Aids digestion
– It consist of thick wall membranes
– It consist grain sand particles

– Frying
– Cold storage

– They move away from the bulb
– They stay scattered
– They stay closer to the bulb
– They stay in cluster
– Normal feeding occurs
– They tend to exercise


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