Smoking Hot Senator Suit Designs For Ladies (Photos)

Senator suit styles are no longer a men’s only style, Nigerian women have now taken this style to a whole new level! Nigerian clothes offer a wide space for imagination and the available designs for stylish ladies are uncountable.

Female senator suits in Nigeria

The specific suit style that combines a short-sleeved long shirt and skinny pants has become a favorite for many women and men in Nigeria. This is a kind of traditional attire has undergone a second birth in the recent decades, together with other traditional styles and fashions.

Such a suit is often an everyday outfit of a Nigerian businesswoman who appreciates comfort and traditions equally. You have equal chances of meeting a woman of a teen age and an elderly one who wears senator suits because they are pretty and look good on all body types.

Even though women who wear such suits seem to stick to traditions closely, it doesn’t mean that they are not open to new ideas. This is why it’s possible to see an incredible diversity of designs, decorations, and ways of wearing senator suits by women.

Let’s now check out some smoking hot trends established for senator suits worn by women.

Some general senator suit designs for women

It’s a kind of tradition that senator suits are tailored out of dark fabrics: deep blue, dark grey, wine red, purple, and so on. However, you are free to choose whatever colors you like. Nigerian women look extremely pretty and attractive in bright sunny colors like aquamarine, yellow, mint green, and others.

It’s also allowed to combine colors. If you are thinking of a personalized outfit, choose color combinations that will emphasize your beauty.

In case you want to correct your body shape, colors can also help you a lot. A darker bottom will visually remove some heaviness from your legs. A dark top will make your upper body seem slimmer. Vertical stripes also give slimness and a voluminous top that has stripes can make your body seem longer and slender.

You can also have your shirt with long sleeves if you like. The length of the shirt itself is not regulated by anything. You can make it as long or as short as you wish. The side cuts can be rounded like in contemporary blouses or square in classical style.

You should remember that you are not limited to practically anything. The only trend to stick to is, probably, the general idea of the senator suit: skinny pants and a long shirt that resemble strong ancient Nigerian attire.

A look at senator suit styles for women 2018

Now, it’s time to check out what’s suggested by fashion designers for the new season.

  • The top here has rounded bottom edges and a white front with a bright red print on it. Black sleeves and back make it look completely like all other contemporary tops. However, paired with skinny black pants, it looks quite authentic for being qualified as a senator suit
  • A spacious black top that reaches knees is attractively decorated with yellow bands and other applique pieces. The neck opening looks quite traditional and the general style combines elegance and plenty of comfort. Accompanied with boat shoes the outfit looks stunning and pretty
  • A dark blue attire with only a few bright red decorations looks surprisingly attractive. It’s obvious that the senator suit doesn’t require much decoration to be this elegant and stylish. A short plain shirt offers a somewhat serious but very feminine look
  • Here’s a bright example of how fresh and attractive a white senator suit can be. With a luxurious piece of stitching, which resembles traditional African designs, on the chest it shines like the sun. Bright colors are obviously something that deserves a try!
  • Another example of bright colors shows how lovely senator suits look even at little children. The idea of wearing a similar outfit with her mother makes the little princess look stunning! Plain shirts with a few decorative elements look elegant, nevertheless, owing to their shining green color
  • A light lilac senator suit is something incredible! This is an outfit that will never be out of place in any situation. You can even wear it for a party and you will look attractive, and elegant at the same time. The bright embroidery at the front makes it look absolutely unique.
  • A combination of deep purple and bright yellow has always looked stunning. This senator suit is not an exception. You don’t need big details finished in these contrasting colors. Only a couple of small decorations and your outfit will sparkle with freshness!
  • A sky-blue senator suit here has no additional decorations except for a wide piece of Ankara fabric inserted in the frontal part of the top. However, it’s enough to break the plain blue color of the suit and add some style.
  • A wonderful combination of black and electric blue makes this senator suit unique and extremely attractive. A wide piece of embroidery decorates the front of the top and creates a rhythmic combination with skinny pants of the same color. Wonderful and totally authentic!
  • A dark blue senator suit in this variation attracts with the richness of color and the satin gloss of the fabric. Everything would look elegant and luxurious in such a textile!

Senator suits for two and the latest senator styles for ladies

It’s necessary to mention senator suits that are worn by men and women together. For instance, couples sometimes wear similar senator suits to show their love and affection. They can be totally the same to the smallest details or just similar in the cut and embroidery.

  • These dark bluish-grey senator suits for a couple look amazing on both the partners. The female version is not different from the male one in the tiniest details.
  • A red senator suit variation that’s suitable for the entire family is also a perfect thing, especially if you are attending some special event like a wedding. The only thing that differs the wife and husband’s suits is the color of their pants
  • A blue senator suit here is a canvas that’s decorated for each of the spouses in their own ways. However, they look similar even though they have different sleeves and decorative elements. It’s a great idea for those spouses who don’t want to look like twins but want to have something in common
  • A very unusual option for a couple with a printed top part. Here pastel colors are nicely combined with lovely polka dots on the tops. In addition to the unusual print, the shirts have an interesting buttoning at the neck but still look very native

As you can see, the diversity of styles makes it very hard to choose the very best female senator styles. If you are searching for interesting ideas, listen to your personal preferences, your inner sense of taste and you will look gorgeous!


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