Man Beats Up Wife For Failing To Say “Thank You” After S3x

Wonder no more, a man from Gokwe would reportedly run berserk and assault his wife whenever she failed to thank him every time they had sex.

While beating her, he would be accusing her of being ungrateful by failing to acknowledge and appreciate his bedmatics or the extra effort he would have apparently put during love making.

This emerged before Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court where Tichaona Moyo was being accused by his wife Alleta Chipangu of sexually abusing her.

Although Chief Nemangwe whose jurisdiction Moyo’s area falls under was not available for comment, a source who claims to have intimate details of the incident, said Moyo told the gathering that being thanked after sex was an expression of gratitude and acknowledgment that he was good in bed.

He said he wanted to be thanked since his wife was always regretting why she married him while accusing him of being sexually impotent adding that being thanked after sex was testimony that he was satisfying her.

Chipangu said her husband would also abuse her in various ways, including forcing her to suck his manhood.
She said sometimes she refused to thank her husband after sex as she found it awkward.

Said the source: “She said she found that weird as it makes it seem transactional. She further said it also makes it sound like it’s something she has done for him, and not something she has done because she wanted to.”

In defence Moyo said being thanked after love making was magic that works wonders on his level of intimacy.

Moyo reportedly told the court that the words “thank you” boost his confidence, and make him keep coming back for more rounds.

“Men like to know they are appreciated. Even in bed. To me, being thanked after sex is just a sign that I’m good in bed.

I love my wife and I appreciate her a lot, that is why I also want her to appreciate me by saying ‘thank you’ after sex,” Moyo was quoted as having said.

He reportedly maintained that he really wanted his wife to show him that he was good in bed as he always put extra effort during sex.

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