How We’re Using Condoms Incorrectly

Such a simple thing, so much difficulty.

Condoms are used incompletely in 15% of sex acts, an Indiana University study of 1 875 men found. What’s going wrong?

According to the study, men were 2.3 times as likely to remove protection prematurely if they felt their erect Pen!s was wider than usual.

If they had trouble maintaining an erection, they were more than 10 times as likely to hold off on protection and take the condom off early.

The same study showed that men were more than five times as likely to delay putting on a condom and remove it early if they felt their erect Pen!s was shorter than usual.

Mistakes can turn into habits, says study author Dr Devon Hensel. For example, if a man finds taking off a condom helps him stay hard, he may make it part of his routine.

Here are some more stats: 12% put on a condom after penetration, while 3% took off a condom before ejaculation. 2% made both mistakes.

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